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It can be a drag to stay up to date with everything that’s happening in the crypto space. Follow Mendo to stay informed!

With this blog I plan to share my research and information about the crypto space. I share deep dives into specific projects, unpack upcoming and ongoing trends and share articles that display the rate in which crypto is being adopted.

I focus solely on the long term adoption and growth of the crypto space, short term price action does not faze nor interest me.

Note that this blog is only for entertainment purposes and does not contain any financial advise. I’m not a financial advisor; just an anonymous avatar on the internet. 

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Entangle blockchain

A deep dive into Entangle

A deep dive into Entangle the defi sub-layer for cross-chain liquidity a deep dive into entangle I believe Entangle can solve the DeFi liquidity issues

Obscuro layer 2

What is Obscuro?

Obscuro is a privacy-first Ethereum L2 solution that sits between Optimistic and ZK rollups. It leverages Trusted Execution Environments to benefit from the best of both worlds.