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Get Kicks is a new FitFi competitor aiming to put their own twist on move-to-earn. Let’s explore their unique selling points and what sets them apart from other projects. Let’s kick!

What is Get Kicks?

Get Kicks is an NFT game that aims to migrate sneakerheads to a new era on the web. It’s a new and fun way of letting users earn and be fit at the same time by providing a platform that enables this. Not only targeting those already familiar with crypto but also the sneakerheads who may not have any experience with crypto yet.

That is what the team is focussing on to set them apart; slightly shifting the focus from solely being healthy, but also attracting the sneakerhead community. By partnering with streetwear and sneaker brands, they can create designs that appeal to wider audiences.

Closer look at the different earning modes

Earning tokens is very simple; move for tokens and use stamina (five minutes of movement).

There are different modes in the Get Kicks app (which is coming soon to an app store near you). Upon entering the game, you’ll immediately be entitled to a free standard non-tradable Kick NFT. It’s important since you need the Kick to earn more; it’s Get Kicks, after all.

1. solo mode

In Solo Mode, you can use this free Kick to start generating points. However, Get Kicks will only allow stamina counting after purchasing a Kick in the marketplace. The Solo Mode is perfect if you want to get moving alone; ensure you have enough stamina to get through.

You can also get random Kickboxes as you move your way to possible earnings. 

2. club mode

Meanwhile, choose Club Mode if you want to enjoy the game with your friends. It’s possible through an invitation link that you must send to your Get Kicks buddies. There’s a higher Kickboxes drop rate and $LACE earned in this mode.

3. tournaments

Get Kicks will organise weekly and monthly events which users can sign up for. The weekly tournament lasts, like the name suggests, for a whole week. Players are able to pick from one of the following distances: 2.5km, 5km and 7.5km.

The monthly tournament features the following distances: 5km, 10km, and 15km.

During the tournament, players earn points based on a player’s running speed and the attributes of the Kicks they have chosen for the Tournament. The leaderboard will determine which players take home the rewards!

The distances and rewards mentioned could be changed based on feedback from the player base at a later stage.

4. pvp mode

Additionally, you can join the Tournament or use the PVP mode if you’re a little competitive. You must pay a reimbursable registration fee for the Tournament to join the weekly or monthly ones. There are pre-determined prices at the beginning; be on the leaderboard, and you can get those. 

In PVP, it’s simple. Except for the free ones, you can challenge other users if you have the Kick. And, since it’s a competition, you have to stake some of your $LACE. The winner will take home the grand prize and enjoy that chicken dinner.

5. background

The last mode is the Background, wherein you can earn $LACE, even if you’re not using the Get Kicks. You just need to have a purchased Kick, and the app will monitor your movement through your health app. 

get kicks nft ecosystem

Get Kicks has a vast NFT ecosystem, which is great news as you can use them to earn more prizes. If you’re unfamiliar with other NFTs, they’re digital assets showcased through in-game items, art, and music. You can buy and sell these online using cryptocurrencies. 

So, to give you more idea about Get Kicks NFT Ecosystem, here are its three main categories:

1. kicks

Kicks have four unique attributes that mainly contribute to the $LACE and $KICK output per mode. 

The high Kick drip score determines if you’ll have higher $LACE and $KICK output in solo and club modes. You can also perform an effective leadership points collection in the tournaments. 

Comfort through upgrading also plays a huge role, especially if you want to decrease the price and time for your future upgrades. Meanwhile, cleaning dictates how long your Kicks could survive dirt before cleaning. You must know that dirt decreases the performance of your Kicks, so it’s better to have more time before it needs cleaning. 

Lastly, the luck part of the Kicks will let you inform the rarity and the frequency at which the Kickboxes will appear. 

Aside from the attributes, you should also be familiar with the type of Kicks. There are four: Walkers, Joggers, Runners, and All-Around. You can earn up to 6 $LACE/5 stamina using the Runners, which can perform at 8 to 20km/hr. 

Other levels you have to be familiar with are the Kicks’ rarity and the level itself. 

2. Accessories

Accessories are the second in the Get Kicks NFT ecosystem, which is crucial in boosting your Kicks’ attributes. So, it would help if you utilized your Accessories Slots better. Remember that these slots only open at four specific levels of your kicks: 5, 10, 15, and 20. 

The accessories you can find in Get Kicks are Brand Tag, Performance Insoles, Protection Spray, and Metal Aglets. These accessories are responsible for boosting your Drip, Comfort, Protect, and Luck attribute, respectively. 

3. badges

Last on the list are Badges, which you can only earn if you complete tasks indicated in the game. The Badges’ rarity will depend on the complexity of your task. So, to obtain good Badges, you must accomplish heavier and more difficult challenges. 

But why do these Badges important in Get Kicks? Getting them will allow you to acquire more in-game perks like Stamina Bonus and reduced marketplace fees. Also, from the word itself, Badges are the cool bragging rights you can show on your profile. 

The Badges you can get on the game are Grail Hunter and OG, reducing minting fees and increasing rarity for Kickboxes. You can also get The Plug to reduce your transaction fees on the marketplace.

What’s next for Get Kicks?

Get Kicks has successfully closed their private and seed round (I was able to invest in their private round). Ensuring that they have the funds needed to proceed with the development of their app and ecosystem. They have also announced the following launchpads:

  • Enjinstarter
  • Synapse
  • Spores
  • Gamestation
  • More T.B.A.

In terms of launching the token, they are targeting Q3 of 2022. More updates to come!

I hope you enjoyed this article! The move-to-earn market has become quite competitive with new projects entering the market to earn their share of this niche. We recently published an article about Amazy, another M2E competitor. 

I’m invested in Get Kicks so naturally I’m excited to see their progress and look forward to their token listing!


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