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Investing in CV Pad

investing in CV Pad

The easiest way to get into the newest, shiniest tokens, is to get good tiers in a launchpad of choice. In my opinion, launchpads are the most powerful investment category during a bull market. It allows you to acquire new tokens at attractive prices. Before they get listed on the market!

In this article I introduce you to CV Pad, which I’m an early investor in.


  • New launchpad on the block
  • Backed and ran by CV VC and CV labs, battle-tested builders, investors, and community.
  • CV Pad provides multichain access to the hottest, VC-vetted deal flow.
  • CV VC taps into some of the strongest deal flow in the space through their 250+ partner network and 6 years worth of investment and accelerator track-record.

How to get involved?

Before we get into nitty-gritty of what CV pad is all about, let’s start with the three best ways to get involved in this early-stage project:

What is CV pad?

Alright astrotards, let’s explore the details. Setting aside the space theme, it’s not rocket science we’re talking about. It’s simple; CV Pad is a multichain launchpad which grants you access to the strongest early-stage projects in web3.

As with any launchpad; deal flow is your lifeline. It’s your bread and butter. The ketchup to your fries. Access to deal flow via a strong network of partners is what makes a launchpad viable and gives it a right to exist.

The brains behind CV Pad

More than just ideas, I like investing in people. CV pad is built by people who have been positively contributing to the space for years. They have both the network and team to tap into some of the strongest deal flow in the space.

CV Pad is made possible by the experience/network/connections of CV VC and DuckDAO. If you don’t know them, you may have been living under a rock.

  • CV VC -> early-stage venture capital firm
  • CV Labs -> the accelerator arm of CV VC,  which identifies the most promising minds, disruptors, pioneers, and mavericks alike that have successfully unlocked the potential that blockchain offers.

Combine all these resources, and you’re left with a powerful launch platform called CV Pad.

Success in crypto is all about access. Access to the right people. To the right deals. To the right platforms. CV Pad is partnered with some of the biggest names in the space, either through CV VC, CV labs, DuckDAO, or CV Pad itself.

CV Pad core team

So, who exactly am I trusting with my hard-earned shekels?

As shown in the deck, we have two heavy-weights at the helm; Mathias and Florian. Both boasting impressive track records. From investments in web3 trailblazers to functional work alongside the builders in the industry.

Happy to have invested early into CV Pad and I’m excited to see them enter the launchpad wars. Please note that this article is not financial advice. I’m just a guy on the internet. Thanks for reading anon <3

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