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About Me

I share research and information about the crypto space in the form of deep dives into specific projects, unpacking upcoming and ongoing trends, and articles that display the rate in which crypto is being adopted.

On my blog you will also find content about projects I have invested in as an angel or KOL.

Note that this blog is only for entertainment purposes and does not contain any financial advise. I’m not a financial advisor; just an anonymous retard on the internet. 

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A deep dive into Celestia

If Ethereum and Cosmos had a baby, and granted it a $56M trust fund, you’d get Celestia. Let’s take a look at what they’re building in this deep dive!

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kaspa vs bitcoin

A deep dive into Kaspa

Kaspa is a PoW layer 1 that aims to address some of the security difficulties from Bitcoin’s Nakamoto Consensus, using the Ghostdag protocol.

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