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Base layer innovation to blow away the competition: why Nibiru Chain is different

nibiru competitors

I recently wrote an article highlighting my investment thesis for Nibiru Chain. In a market where competition is high, and windows of opportunity are short, I think it’s important to delve deeper into Nibiru Chain’s competitive advantages.

Get up to speed on what makes Nibiru different and learn why it will pay tremendous dividends to get involved in this new ecosystem early on.

Recap: what is Nibiru Chain?

Nibiru is a breakthrough smart contract ecosystem ushering in the next era of money. Nibiru adopts a Web3 ‘Super App’ approach through vertical integration.

What I like about Nibiru is the tremendous thought they’ve put into designing the ecosystem and the technology, as well as figuring out a fair distribution of the token supply. Most importantly: Nibiru strikes a perfect balance in both user and developer experience.

Innovating at the base layer

One thing that sets Nibiru apart is its fresh approach to bootstrapping a new blockchain network and ecosystem. The team has delivered a series of innovations that empower the Nibiru network/ecosystem and open up the door for a wide range of use cases. Let’s dive into them.

What makes Nibiru Chain so powerful is its innovation at each layer of the stack. Imagine the powerhouse you can build when you take care of all facets of a blockchain, instead of leaving it up to devs and founders to have to build it themselves.

Everything from infrastructure and consensus mechanisms to dApp development and developer toolkits is fully handled for you! 😉

#1 Differentiator: Mastering End-User Experience & dApp Ecosystem Through Vertical Integration

As outlined in the paragraph above, Nibiru has a ton of innovations they developed. All that was done for a reason; it gives developers (arguably the most essential element in any blockchain ecosystem) the tools to develop the exact things that they want to build. Dev looking for the perfect environment to build out their idea will find a home on Nibiru chain.

It’s not just developers who enjoy all of the work that Nibiru has put into its products, it’s the end-users as well. It’s quite refreshing to see from a cosmos–based blockchain, given the reputation of Cosmos having a terrible user experience. New chains are scary and can be hard to navigate. So it’s extremely important to make it as easy as you can for the end-users.

Nibiru vs Peers

Let’s be honest, there are quite a bit of blockchains out there. Why am I so excited about Nibiru compared to the others? Let’s explore a few fields in which I believe Nibiru has an advantage over its competition. The easiest way to do so is using a comparison matrix, which we’ll be taking a look at in this paragraph.

But first, I’d like to highlight Nibiru’s main differentiators:

  • Tech stack difference: Nibiru uses CosmWasm smart contracts, with an expansion towards the EVM planned for Q3’24. With the EVM still being the most used VM out there, Nibiru will bring two worlds together. The EVM user experience is brought to a powerful, scalability-optimized CosmWasm environment.
  • Developer ecosystem: Nibiru places a large emphasis on Developers. It’s the reason why they innovated through the entire tech stack; so that devs can leverage the Nibiru features into their own applications. Greatly reducing friction in development, and giving devs the tools they need to create and deploy the dApps of their dreams.
  • Throughput optimization: Nibiru is built on top of the Cosmos Hub and its Tendermint Core, but tweaked it to hyper-scale the Nibiru chain. If you’re a PC nerd, they basically went into the Tendermint BIOS and overclocked the hardware settings. Changing some of the node-specific parameters ultimately allows Nibiru to hit a very impressive 1.4-second block time and 40,000 transactions per second (TPS).

Lastly, we circle back to the products/solutions built by the foundation. The competitors analysis clearly shows that having all of this pre-built for developers to utilize sets Nibiru apart from its competitors. Let’s highlight 3 of the core solutions:

1 – Native oracle: efficient and fast, without sacrificing security. It strikes a perfect balance between the interests of the validators as well as oracle nodes. Numerous oracles have been exploited lately, but the aligned incentives between these two parties make sure that attacks are mitigated due to the cost of attacks on the network. This decentralized oracle can easily be integrated into applications on the network and prevents all kinds of network attacks such as data manipulation and sybil attacks.

2 – Scalable Data Indexer: Nibiru provides a searchable index of blockchain data. The data is easy to query and analyze with GraphQL. This allows founders and ecosystem projects to track user behavior, monitor network activity, and make data-driven decisions.

Combine that with the Native Oracle, and you get a way to securely address limitations commonly found in other platforms. One of the best ways to utilize this powerful combination of tools is in the form of incentivizing users for their time-weighted TVL (total value locked) in smart contracts.

3 – Smart contract royalties: allows founders and developers to monetize the traffic and usage of their dApps and smart contracts without having to resort to various gimmicks to capture fees for profit from users.

Nibiru: Community Owned Blockchain

Without naming specific names, we’ve seen a fair amount of newly-launched blockchains that have huge VC-backing, yet become a ghost town after their launch.

Us degens are becoming smarter. We won’t be trapped in VC coins with predatory tokenomics. And that’s another reason why I favor Nibiru over other chains!

60% of all NIBI tokens are for the community. They are the major stakeholders in the network! That’s not something we can say about most blockchains in the space.

Hope you enjoyed this article anon! Disclaimer: I am an early investor in Nibiru. I am not a financial advisor, just an anon on the internet. Read why I invested in Nibiru Chain.

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