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3 reasons you’re underestimating Ape Terminal

Ape Terminal

Look, let’s be real. You’ve heard about Ape Terminal before (they’re hard to miss) and you probably think you know everything there is to know. I’m here to tell you: you have no idea. Most people I talk to vastly underestimate Ape Terminal. Maybe they’re in denial, maybe they’re letting others’ opinion get to them.

In this article I’m sharing 3 reasons why I personally think that most people are underestimating Ape Terminal.

#1: ape terminal yield app

Ape Terminal’s yield app is vastly underrated and often forgotten about. It features a wide set of tools and a bunch of way to earn yield.

Sandwich automation

Ape Terminal in-house MEV tech front runs selling transactions on DEXes to create slippage, and captures it as profit. It’s no longer just Jared that is having all the fun.

Presale sniping

Snipers have made crazy amounts of gains sniping tokens before they begin trading. Buy before all the rest is able to, using the in-house Ape Terminal tool suite.

Copy trading

Ever found a wallet on DeBank that’s making insane gains through on-chain trading? And has it ever crossed your mind to just follow that person’s trades? Well, here is your chance. Aling your portfolio with an on-chain whale of choice, with just one click.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

Imagine clicking just one single button to scale into a certain position over time, getting a favorable average entry price? Smart money uses this strategy a lot, but this has not been a possibility yet for us on-chainers. At least not in a way that saves us precious time. Well, our prayers have been answered!

#2: ape & co

Ape Terminal is ran by a team with a strong track records in web3. From previous launchpads and projects they have worked on, to projects they have done advisory work with. Ape&co does it all; marketing support, market making, exchange connections, you name it.

It makes sense to me why projects would be inclined to work with them.

#3: unparalleld quality of launched projects

Ape Terminal is currently blowing all competitors out of the water. In the words of philosopher Drakert Camus, they are top 2, and they are not number 2.

Compare their launches to other launchpads on the market and you’ll quickly notice that other pads simple cannot keep up. Two specific examples that I’m personally excited about:

> xSwap

xSwao is the first cross-chain swapping protocol powered by Chainlink CCIP. Think seamless interoperability between blockchains in the form of a simple bridge or any2any swaps. Part of the Chainlink Build program.

> Lends

Why sell your crypto when you can borrow against it? Imagine a cross-chain, interoperable lending protocol that offers loans against BTC and ETH, with:

  • 0% interest (zero!)
  • no liquidation
  • no expiry
  • P2P OTC-style orderbook
  • revenue share to $LENDS holders
  • single-asset staking yield on $BTC, $ETH, $BNB, and $LTC

More info on Lends:

I’m excited to be an early investor in Ape Terminal, eagerly waiting for the token launch!

Thanks for reading, anon <3

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