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Alpha through humor. Explaining complex subjects in the language of degens: memes and references.

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investing in CV Pad

Investing in CV Pad

Launchpads are the easiest way to get into the newest, shiniest tokens, It allows you to acquire new tokens at attractive prices. Before they get listed on the market! In this article I introduce you to CV Pad, a new launchpad providing you with VC-vetted deal flow.

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Entangle blockchain

A deep dive into Entangle

Entangle solves the DeFi liquidity issues by increasing capital efficiency, liquidity retention, and free movement of said liquidity. Unlocking layers of utility. for your liquidity and yield bearing assets.

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A deep dive into Celestia

If Ethereum and Cosmos had a baby, and granted it a $56M trust fund, you’d get Celestia. Let’s take a look at what they’re building in this deep dive!

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Common Wealth crypto

The common wealth thesis

It’s time to break down the antiquated VC model, and truly democratize access to early-stage deals. Read the full breakdown of the Common Wealth platform.

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