When you first join the crypto space it can all be quite overwhelming. There’s just so much info out there and it doesn’t help that crypto moves at a very fast pace. What holds true today, may be completely different tomorrow. The latest and hottest trends will grow outdated in the blink of an eye.

Staying informed is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. You can’t keep track of everything that’s going on and often it can be difficult to cancel out the noise. So in this post, I’ll unpack how I stay informed and who I follow or talk to in order to stay on top of things. I’ll divide this list into five categories.

1 – Crypto influencers, KOLs and builders

Plan B 
One of the most well known Bitcoin analysts, most know for his Stock-to-Flow model.

One of the true Crypto OG’s. Inbetween shitposting he drops quite some knowledge through either his Medium articles or his podcast UpOnly.

A true crypto OG, active in the space since 2013. You won’t find a lot of people that were earlier than that!

Mark Cuban
I think we all know who Mark Cuban is. He’s a legendary investor and entrepreneur whose net worth exceeds a few billion dollars. But, did you know Mark is very active in the crypto space? Mark is most excited about the implementation and use cases of smart contracts, NFTs and DAOs. 

Fun fact, his fellow sharks Kevin and Daymond are both involved with or invested in the crypto space!


Very down-to-earth guy that always covers the latest news in cryptoland in a nuanced tone. He knows how to make things make sense. Whether it be complex or confusing topics or just covering both sides when there’s different narratives going on on Twitter.

Amy Wu
Amy is part of the 2 billion dollar FTX fund. A high conviction for Web3 and gaming which I’m also passionate about!

Willy Woo
Willy Woo is a Bitcoin analyst who mainly focuses on on-chain data and metrics. He often shared insights into the market and interesting thoughts and predictions based on on-chain data.

Crypto Rand
I remember Crypto Rand from when I first got into crypto and he was mostly focused on Technical Analysis and sharing his trades. Nowadays, he shares a lot more about solid long-term projects and upcoming IDOs. Even creating infographics with a complete breakdown of the fundamentals.

2 – Inventors and builders

Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik is the creator of Ethereum. He’s a brilliant guy that also writes a lot of interesting about Ethereum development, but also crypto and blockchains as a whole.

CZ (Binance)
CZ is the CEO of Binance, one of the leading crypto exchanges. He’s a smart guy, and might even be the most well-known guy in crypto. He’s grown his wealth into tenfolds of billions, earning his rank among the top billionaires in the world.

Joseph Lubin
Joseph is the co-founder of Ethereum as well as the founder of Consensys which is a software/technology company. They are the company behind a wide range of Blockchain product like MetaMask and Infura. 

3 – Follow the smart money: VCs and advisors

VC firms and project advisors can be described as “smart money”. Advisors can be involved with multiple projects and it’s pretty safe to assume they know their stuff. Staying up to date with these two groups will allow you to find promising projects in their early stages, thus allowing you to get involved early on. It’ll also open you up to knowledge and insights from these people. Here are some examples.

4 – Launchpads and incubators

Nowadays, the majority of the new projects hold their public sales on launchpads like RedKite, GameFi or Seedify. Surprisingly, there are also launchpads that from time to time offer private investment opportunities. Although those are usually reserved for those in the highest tiers of the launchpad’s tier system. 

Launchpads help new projects to raise funds, but perhaps even more important they give them exposure. Launchpads and incubators will most often hold AMA’s or interviews with the projects or create a breakdown of the project in an article or infographic.

Even if you don’t find yourself in a tier in a particular launchpad, it may still be worth giving them a follow. For one, they usually give away whitelist spots through various campaigns. Other than that, it will help you stay up to date with the latest and greatest projects that are coming to the market or have recently been listed.

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